Monday, August 29, 2011

A Weekend in Route 66

It's been a good weekend. Friday, we went to a 90's cover band. Unfortunately, it was a very young crowd, but the music was good. How could it not be? We enjoyed ourselves. I tried strawberry beer at Coach's Brewhouse. It was like drinking lukewarm beer with a Trix aftertaste. 

Saturday, I headed to Pops in Arcadia. It's along the historic 66 route. Pops sells a crazy number of different types of soda pops, while also being a restaurant, gas station and convenience store. Try the cheeseburgers at Pop's. It's deliciously southern.

Aftwards, since it is along that route, we went to the Round Barn. It is a barn built in its unique shape and is filled with decor and gadgets that hasn't been changed nor moved in over one hundred years. Upstairs, it has a venue that is perfect for that country wedding a girl might want.

We drove home - tired, happy, hot and sticky from that strong Oklahoma sun. We spent the rest of the weekend with family, friends and idle conversations. If only all weekends were that lazy, happy-go-lucky blur...

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  1. This looks like so much fun and I love your photos, they're so pretty.